Saturday, May 24, 2008

the secret

i confess i tried but everytime failed to finish watching the video, The Secret, because it's like a brainwashing thing.
yesterday, andy strongly recommend just watch the recorded Oprah's show. unlike other people who confess their exprience of immediate change of mind, it made me think a lot.
slowly, 'forgiveness, gratitude, action, service ... ' kind of abstract words became live in my mind. nowadays i was vaguely expriencing those kinds of feelings at Knue.

the secret = understanding the law of attraction

starting free writing!!

obligatory posting is done. now i free, now i free at last. nobody in my class seems to visit here.
i want keep blogging. so from now on i'll write down what i think, how i feel these days, what made me cry, and so forth.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Q9: How do you feel finishing the 1st session in this program?

Coming Friday is the last day of the first session in the IETTP.
I got nervous and felt frustrated when the fist month passed.
Now, I become realistc again.
During the session, the skit practice and performance was the one of the unforgettable.
We did our best and did a good job, too. Especially I was so flattered to perform my part well from many trainees, and I felt quilty because all classmates also showed superb acting.
Anyhow, we expeienced many things and could understand us more than ever before through the skit performance . Just remember good things and keep up the good work in the next session.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Q8: What movie is good for studying English?

As we know, Watching and mimicking the actors/actress is one of the best way to make our speaking natural.
I like "while you were sleeping".
My recommandation of this week is : "Before Sun Rise" and "Before Sun Set"
I uproaded the edited video on our Cafe.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Q7: How can I improve my English speaking?

I thought suprasegmental elements are the most important things in natural speaking. However, through my long-term observation, I have to practice speaking from the beginning(pronouncing drill of alphabet) if I want to speak English naturally and correctly. But it's a long way. Before reaching the goal like that, I should be retired.

Plz, tell me your practice experience and good tips to improve your speaking.
I'm serious. Hope all of my classmates' helpful suggestion or advice.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Q6: What is the usual substitute for the regular meal?

Last week, I stayed here at Knue on the election day. It was like a survival game. No heater, no warm water, and no free meal.
In case of having no regular meal, I used to eat Ramyon. But after I have some problem in my health, I changed my dietary habit. I tries to eat small as possible as I can, and do exercise.

So the Ramyon is the first one to avoid, but sometimes I can't be irresistable.
Can you tell me what good substitute food you know.
Enjoy your daily life here~~^^

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Q 5: When do you feel happy studying English?

Hi, classmates!
In my case, I feel happy when I find a solution to the problem which always haunted me. Yes! Yesterday, I realized one solution for my bad pronunciation problem.

My recent agony was whether I could change my pronunciation more naturally. In a book, American Accent training, the writer encourages us to have confidence saying, " just as classical musician can play the jazz music if training some time, any non-native speakers can change their pronunciation with proper textbook and practice."

I've thought of my pronunciation on each word is not bad, but when speaking or reading a sentence, the rhythm and intonation is really bad. Hearing my recorded voice reading some paragraphs always made me frustrated.

Yesterday, I read and practiced pronunciation using a book, Clear Speech, and I realized why I can't sound like native's rhythm. I have misunderstood accent. I've just tried to make a strong sound at stressed syllable in a word, not to use proper pitch which means the highness or lowness of a musical note in music. Maybe it is related with my tone-deafness in singing. I learned a tip that American children's 'Uh-uh!' sound is useful to practice English tone, and I abrubtly realized how I can improve my pronunciation while practicing to pronounce 2~3 syllable words. It's an miracle for me. I couldn't do anyting from that moment. I went on a picnic near natural park and have a nice time with my kids. Even though I didn't start the outline for second essay homework, I am really happy now.